Our Story

Why We Are Here

Simply...We want to bring the best quality coffee products straight to your home. 

Quality, care, and preparation is where we strive to provide a great cup of coffee. Still not sure about Seed to Bean? Here's a few points to consider:

  • Roasting coffee is a blend of art and science; the entire process from bean to brew requires skill and constant attention. We know that coffee is at its best when it’s freshly roasted, so all of our coffee beans are freshly roasted on site by our supplier in small batches.
  • To ensure you receive the best coffee beans with every order, smaller batches means beans are roasted more often and coffee doesn’t sit on a shelf waiting to be sold. 
  • We truly care about the coffee and products we sell. In keeping with our environmental policies, we offer a wide range of coffees and related products that are organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • At Seed to Bean, we are incredibly passionate about coffee and what we do, which means we only serve the very best. Our high quality coffee beans, products and professional delivery, complement our brand seamlessly. 

Ready to try your new favorite freshly roasted coffee?!

How We Started

Nichole (Founder of Seed to Bean) was immersed in coffee from a very young age. From her mother's daily habit of Dunkin' Donuts coffee and her grandmother always brewing hazelnut coffee in her drip coffee machine, Nichole never had a day not smelling and indulging in coffee.

Although Nichole studied marketing and management, the realization of Seed to Bean came about in 2018. During that time, Nichole began traveling outside the United States and was experiencing outstanding coffee culture and preparation. It ultimately changed her. Coffee is MORE than JUST coffee. She began working as a barista at her local coffee shop with a dream of starting her own coffee business. Then things took a turn. The pandemic and health problems occurred. Unfortunately, those events halted her plans. However, it helped Nichole imagine coffee in a different way.

Determined to continue her passion with coffee, Nichole started an Instagram page (Chestnut Home Cafe) devoted to coffee recipes and latte/cream art. She then progressed with roasting her own coffee beans using a professional roaster and was given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of coffee and roasting through Speciality Coffee Association (SCA). With aspirations of opening up a local roasting business and Seed to Bean storefront, Seed to Bean coffee online was created to start funding those projects. 

Did you know?

All product artwork - from the coffee labeling to the household goods, Nichole digitally designed each item. Every part of Seed to Bean was carefully crafted for you to enjoy!