How We Started

How We Started - Seed to Bean

Nichole, the founder of Seed to Bean, has been enamored with coffee since her childhood. She grew up surrounded by the aroma of her mother's daily Dunkin' Donuts coffee and her grandmother's hazelnut coffee brewed in a drip machine. Despite studying marketing and management, Nichole's true passion for coffee was ignited during her travels abroad in 2018, where she experienced the exceptional culture and preparation of coffee. This realization motivated her to pursue a career in the coffee industry, and she began working as a barista at a local speciality coffee shop with a dream of starting her own coffee business.

But life had other plans. The pandemic and health issues threw unexpected challenges her way, putting her dreams on hold. However, Nichole's love for coffee couldn't be dampened. She turned adversity into opportunity and created the Chestnut Home Cafe Instagram page, where she shared delightful coffee recipes and captivating latte art.

Fueling her passion even further, Nichole delved into the art of roasting, learning the intricacies of the craft through the esteemed Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) programs. Armed with knowledge and ambition, she started roasting her own coffee beans using a professional roaster, honing her skills to perfection.

With her eyes set on opening a local roasting business and a Seed to Bean VW coffee bus, Nichole embarked on a new adventure by launching Seed to Bean online. Every purchase made on her platform fuels her dreams and brings her one step closer to turning her passion into reality.

Through it all, Nichole remains unwavering in her commitment to delivering exceptional quality products and sharing her love for coffee with customers who appreciate the difference. Join her in this journey and savor the taste of her passion.