• Your Chemex & accompanying filter. This recipe is for a 1-2 cup serving
  • 24 grams (3 tbsp) coffee
  • 390 grams (14 ounces) filtered water
  • Digital Scale


  • Unfold paper filter and place in the brewer ensuring the 3-ply side of the filter is placed on the spout-side of the Chemex
  • With water off the boil, wet the filter to rinse the filter of any paper, off-flavors
  • Measure out and grind coffee slightly coarser than a standard pour over; something between table and kosher salt
  • Discard rinse water from the Chemex and place ground coffee into filter; give it a shake to even out the coffee bed


0:00 – Ensure all coffee grinds are wet with about 30g (1oz) of water and let bloom for 30 seconds

0:30 – Pour in circular motions until you reach a total of 130g (4.5oz) of water and let drain for approximately a minute

1:30 – Over the course of ~45 seconds, pour water until you reach 260g (9oz) in the Chemex and let drain for an additional 30 seconds

2:45 – The final pour should be done over the course of another minute and bring the total amount of water added to 390g which is about 14oz

3:30 – Pause and inhale the coffee aroma as the coffee drips through the filter

4:00 – Once the coffee bed is dry, your brew is ready! Discard the filter, pour, and enjoy!

4:00 – We generally want to aim for a four-minute brew time but because of the nature of the 3-ply paper filter, do not be alarmed if your brew finishes around the 4:30 mark. If your brew is finishing too fast or taking much longer than this, adjust your grind until you reach not only a desired brew time, but desired taste too.